Runner-up in the European Prizes

Just to say that this week we got the Certificate from Brussels for our second place(among 350 project!) in the European Prizes Competition! A runner-up is great for a novice team that was enthusiastic and dedicated and did an excellent job without even knowing that there were prizes out there..
Congrats once again!!!

Quality Label

Congratulations for the National Quality Label our project has been awarded. This is recognition for the teamwork we have done, and I hope this will continue as a good practive. Special thanks to Dilyana, who has been my right hand technologywise and all ways; to Vladi for her selfless contribution; to Konstantin for being a coordinator of some of the activities; and to Vesi and Mariela for their wonderful song presentations.

Once again “Congratulations”!

Below is the message I got today.
Dear Tanya Madjarova (Romain Rolland Foreign language school),

Congratulations! You have been just awarded with the Quality Label for the work you have done in eTwinning.

All the best,
Soyan Kulev
Human Resource Development Centre 15
Graf Ignatiev Str. fl. 3
1000 Sofia

Song Project

Hi again
I haven’t been able to come over here for a while(been away, then hectic end-of-year school times).
Just to let youknow that the project song is ready and those who haven’t been able to listen to it yet can visit the international blog the twinspace respectively. I personally like it very much, and thanks to the collaborative efforts of all the teams creating the lyrics as well as the musical skills of the Czech team,the outcome is lovely.

You may have also see the Cataln team recording in the video they have posted in their blog. The Luthuanian blog also contains interesting postings and pictures and is worth cheching out too.
Vladi, dilyand and Desi habe recored the first draft of the Bulgarian song, and when they finalise it, we will post it in the twinspace. am not sure if I will be able to post it here as we have used our space quota already:((.

Project’s Song

The last step in this project is to create a musical piece that would capture the spirit of this one-year multicultural, virtually  shared experience. This could be called ‘The Project’s song’ or “The Project’s Hymn/Anthem” or…let your imagination run away with you.

I have pasted the message from Marta below. Please go to the respective section in the Czeck blog and begin thinking about the Bg stanza.

Marta’s message below:

“THE SONG OF THE PROJECT, OR THE SONG ABOUT THE COUNTRIES. We can think about a suitable title. I’ll start a thread in the forum and both teachers and students can contribute to that.

Anyway, here is the recording of the melody: , then click on OUR WORK, and then on SONG, there is a link to a mp3 file. You can listen to the melody and the chorus (refrain): that stanza which is being repeated in the song and also the stanza corresponding to the Czech Republic being sung.
It sounds great!
Here are the lyrics:
Chorus (for all):
There are beautiful places.There are beautiful countries.
//:Everybody will find:// (x2)
//:A wonderful home:// (x2)
Satisfied home

Stanza:  (It is a melody and a place for other countries):
The Czech Republic’s my native country.
Like the romantic poetry.
Czech is of the Europe part,
forever in my heart.

Now our work will be to write of at least one STANZA per country. Just listen to the melody and think of suitable lyrics that fit and are meaningful related to your country. I’m sure students will find that very amusing.
Of course, if your students are very creative, they can contribute to two or even three stanzas.

When you have the stanzas ready, write them in the FOLDER in twinspace called SONG OF THE PROJECT.
Deadline: last week in May? or even earlier. When are you finishing school?
Eva will collect all the stanzas and then she and her choir will perfom it, record it and publish it in twinspace (Alessandra in the international blog?)
I hope you like the idea, the more countries which contribute to the song, the better.
Should you have any other idea, please let everybody know via mail, joining the chat tomorrow or using the wiki.”

The Catalan Song

The Waltz of the Worker – Ska-p
Proud to be among the proletariait is difficult to make ends meet
and to have to sweat and sweat
to earn our bread.
his is my place, these are my people
we are working, the preferential class
because of it, proletarian brother, proudly
I sing this song to you, we are the revolution.
Yes sir! The revolution,
Yes sir!, Yes sir!, we are the revolution,
your enemy is the boss,
Yes sir!, yes sir!, we are the revolution,
Long live the revolution!
I am fed up of bearing leeches,
which steal the dignity from me.
My life is consumed bearing this routine
that suffocates me every day more.
Happy the businessman, more corns in my hands
my kidneys are going to burst.
I am broke , but I continue paying my taxes
your welfare state.
This is my place..
In this democracy there are a lot of people who are getting rich
squeezing our social class.
They don’t give a shit if you have 14 children
and the grandmother cannot be operated.
We are the workers, the base of this game
The one in which always the same stupid one loses,
a well-thought game, in which they have us quiet
and f*** you if you do not want to play.


1.How would you interpret the title?

2. Who is ‘we’ and who is ‘sir’?

3. What is meant by ‘resistance’? Resistance to what/whom?

4. When do you think the song was created?

“Long Live Italy”

This is the song the Italian team chose to present. You will see the translated lyrics, and also their interpretation.
1.What is your first, intuitive response to the lyrics - what kind of mood does the song create?
2. Which metaphors do you find most powerful? How do they account for your intuitive reaction?
3. What does 'Italy of 12 Dec' stand for?
4. Go to twinspace, folder 'Italy' to hear the song and watch the slideshow or listen to the song on Utube(see link in the clip above). Did you imagine the tune like this? Did anything surprise you?

Latest project developments

Hi all
Here are the latest updates on the project. Dilyana and Vladi have submitted their ppt slide show of the song of their choice – ‘Chestno v ochite’, sung by Grafa. I have uploaded it in the twinspace under ‘Song of Protest’. Thanx for the job well done!

We need now to do the following:
1. Visit the international blog and look at the worksheets prepared by the other students, and post your comments with your opinions. Personally I will make a collection of these worksheets and leave them in the SAC for the prepclasses to select the ones they would like to try in their English classes. i think they are very suitable for their level of English. If you think we might work with some of them, please let me know.

2. Marta, the Spanish teacher, has opened folders in the twinspace about myths we have/dont have about different cultures. Please visit the forum and post your comments there. i have already posted some of mine. Deadline for this is Feb 21.

3. In addition to the song which Vladi and Dilyana have chosen, you may wish to choose another song to present Bulgaria to people in 2020. You need to translate the lyrics into English and hopefully, our partners will translate them then into their own language. I would suggest that you choose a different aspect of our culture, different from the 'doom and gloom' of grafa's song. While it is true that disillusionment is part of much of Bulgaria's present-day reality, there is a lot more to it, and you can best decide what else to pick up from a really vast variety of options. I would go further and stretch my imagination to see this as a poutpouri of different songs, but am leaving it entirely in your hands. The only thing you need to take into account is the emerging gaps, myths, wrong assumptions your peers might have. Check the forum in the twinspace of etwinning for new posts.

Just to let you know - some of your earlier song presentations are too big for me to upload but the good news is that soon etwinning will allow bigger files for upload. So be patient!

Step 3: A Window to a Culture

Hi all

Time for our next project task. See the outline below and start making your choices. In the page ‘My song(s), my culture(s) I have given you an idea of a song which might be interesting to explore as being representative of our school community. However, you may as well come up with whatever you find suits the tasks below.


In pairs:

Do a PPT presentation presenting the Bulgarian culture to your European partners.

Think of a song in your language which may well represent the way of living, the habits of young people, for example, and translate it into English. Your partners will do the same, then you will translate their song into your own language


Choose one of these:

a)     ‘If you had to present your school community to a group of international students at a Youth conference/Forum, which song would choose?’


b)     ‘If you had to choose a song to represent you to people in 2200(?) in a time capsule, which song/CD/DVD/clip would you choose?


c)     “A song of protest” about



         social issues…


Find out what ‘musical myths’ your foreign counterparts have about the Bulgarian culture.
Publish your findings and expose those myths.